Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Fun!

This past weekend (and week!) was a very busy one for my little family. On friday the boys and I went to visit one of my bff's to play and design this beautiful blog!!!

Whit doing some of her finest work

Little A loves her puppy, Harlee, even though she is a little big for him and very energetic! He enjoyed teasing her through the window for most of the day.

The hubby and I also accepted an offer on our adorable house after only 4 DAYS on the market!! It was crazy! We didn't expect to sell it for another year.

Isn't it cute?!

I will miss our house and all the wonderful memories we have here but it's time to move onto bigger & better things now that our family is growing!!

Saturday, the boys and I went to my hometown to visit family and got some much needed pampering. Hubby stayed home to get some needed improvements done. Have I mentioned yet how wonderfully handy he is? He has done a ton of work on this house including completely gutting & re-finishing our gorgeous basement (another thing that we'll be sad to leave behind).

My brother and my little peanut

The rest of saturday and all day sunday were spent house shopping so we aren't homeless when we have to move out of our current home. I was super excited that my mom was able to spend the day with us on sunday to help with picking a house and with the boys. Fortunately for us, we found one! And I LOVE it and am super excited to move in. It is on the other side of town from where we are now and it's exactly where we want to be. Just praying that everything else that is required for both houses goes smoothly, which I truly feel will because none of this would have worked out like it did if it wasn't meant to be.

Only one month till moving day!!


  1. I love the new blog dear! I am so excited for your new adventure :) Can't wait to help in making the transition go smoothly!

  2. Keep Blogging:) We love you and enjoy the read.

  3. Thank you for starting to blog:) It is going to be fun to follow...
    I am going to miss your first home:( It is so cute..Wonderful starter home:)
    Looking forward to your next blog!!
    Love you all
    Gi Gi / Momma /Angelina

  4. Congratulations!! That's so exciting!