Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Swap 2014

I have been hesitant about joining a swap since the last 3 I tried doing ended up not working out but I LOVE the bloggers, Stormy & Katie, that were hosting the Spring Swap so I decided to give it a try {and was not disappointed!}

I got matched up with Amy @ Daily Dose of Donahue. I love her pictures of her kids! Seriously adorable!! I sent her a bright spring-y scarf, lip gloss, fun note cards (and got a few for myself), and the 2-wrap pedicure from Jamberry.  

Amy sent a super yummy smelling candle (Island Coconut), printable, cute headband, and nail polish and nail polish wraps (which I am super excited to challenge against my Jamberry wraps!). Im so excited spring is FINALLY here and we are getting some gorgeous weather! Definitely need to light that Island Coconut candle and encourage more warm weather to come our way!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hello April!

Miss me?!

I've been super busy lately and haven't had the time to post! I have a few slow days ahead of me so it is time to catch up!

What have I been up to you are wondering?!

February was pretty uneventful....

March was far from it!

My Little C has turned 1! Seriously not sure where the time went.

We went on vacation in Mexico!!! A week full of warm sunshine, white sand beaches and turquoise water?! Yes, it was amazing. Be jealous.

In one of my late January/early February posts I mentioned some possible big changes coming. Well, what I was talking about at that moment didn't end up working out. HOWEVER, a new opportunity presented itself and it came at a perfect time. I am now a Jamberry Nails consultant!! And I couldn't be more excited!! check it out @

I'll be doing a few more detailed posts on the fun events listed above and some updates. So stay tuned!!!!