Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Package: You were supposed to arrive today and now I am angry. Apparently paying extra for shipping means nothing. Grrrrrr.......

Dear Weather: You look fabulous this weekend minus the rain in tomorrows forecast. That can go away, it would be greatly appreciated. I have specific plans that DO NOT have rain included in them!

Dear BFF's: Get ready for some super-duper, awesome, and wild birthday fun tonight! It doesn't happen too often that we all manage to get together and I am so excited that even though this was  last minute we were all able to do this! I love ya lovely ladies!

Dear Husband: Thank you for being so wonderful and spending special daddy/boys time TWICE this weekend. I appreciate it and I hope you had fun golfing this morning :) 

Dear Apples: We are coming for you and you better be nice and crisp and juicy. We are going to savor every bite of anything we make with you. I can't wait!

Dear Color Run: Even though I will not be running you, get ready! 'Cuz there are 6 rockin' chicks coming your way and it is going to be epic.  

Dear Fantasy Football Teams: Get it into gear. Seriously. This losing thing is getting old.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Summer List Update

 Now that summer is officially over it is time to update you on my summer list. It is actually quite sad considering I basically completed nothing on this list. My summer went by so unbelievably fast, I just can't believe that September is already pretty much over! Will life ever slow down? In my dreams maybe. 

So here is what it looks like:

~ Head to the Chicago area to celebrate our 1st anniversary!! (Hhhheelllllooooo Ikea!!!!!):Since our house sold so fast we decided to not go into Chicago this summer. We ended up just having a lovely dinner together though! We did, however, go to Chicago about 2 weeks ago to attend a concert that my husband so wonderfully got us tickets for as an anniversary gift!  

  ~ Attend a Brewer's game & tailgate (it's a summer must in WI):We did get to a game with a group of friends. It was (as always) so much fun!! Hopefully next year we will get to more than one game like we usually do!

  ~ Go on a winery tour.  Earlier this year we attended a benefit for an adorable little baby boy and ended up winning a winery tour in a raffle! I'm excited to go because I have never been to a winery!: We never did get around to enjoying a winery tour, nor do I see it happening at all this year. Unfortunately there are just not enough days in a month to be able to do everything on our schedules! It doesn't help that a certain someone works every other weekend. 

~ Visit the Milwaukee Zoo with my boys: This is yet another thing we didn't get to do and probably the one event I am the most disappointed about. Next summer there WILL be a trip to the zoo. And both boys will be old enough to enjoy it.
~ Go golfing for the first time with the Hubby I did get to {kinda} go golfing. Since it was my first time ever swinging a club we decided to just go to the driving range. It was fun and I foresee lots of golfing trips together next summer!

~ Paint our front door turquoise!!!!! Didn't happen and won't happen until the spring. Who knows, I may decide on a different color or to not do it at all. Sometimes waiting a little longer on certain things is for the best.

~ Start running and do a 5K: While I never did get to start running, I am doing a 5K this weekend with a wonderful group of girls. I, however, will be walking and having the time of my life doing the Color Run!!

How was your summer? Accomplish everything you wanted to get done?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall Favorites: For the Home

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the warm red, orange, and yellow colors. I love the fresh chilly air. I love sweaters, boots, tights, and scarves. My fall/cool weather clothes are WAY better then my summer clothes. I love warm apple pie, mashed sweet potatoes, chili, roasted squash and pumpkins. Who couldn't love it?

When I heard that Sara at YAMAW was doing a fall favorites link-up, I was sold. I am going to split my favorites into a few different posts though. If I did them all in one, it would be one VERY long post. This week we are starting with the home. There are so many great ways to decorate your home from the outside in.
22 Fall Front Porch Ideas. I need to start planning!
How gorgeous is this? The white pumpkins pop against the red candles & burnt orange mums. It is natural and not too overdone which is what I love. 

{Pumpkins}                                                                          {Quote}

I think I need to go find a few white pumpkins before I put up my fall mantel. 

10 Fabulous Fall Decor Ideas 

I love how this mantel isn't too busy.

autumn decoration - decoration

rustic fall centerpiece

 The orange & red berries are another must-have for me. Along with rustic boxes with candles and flowers in fall colors! The picture of the flowers above are from my window shopping trip to Pottery Barn. $100 is a little steep for this momma's pocket book! I'm hoping to recreate it though!

I can't wait to get my home ready for fall! What are you're fall favorites? 

Fall Favorites Link Up

Friday, September 6, 2013

5 Things I Love About Football

 The Packers and 'merica!

You are finally there, your first game of the year. You walk into the stadium, the smell of food stands and beer fill the air.. You find your seats and take a look around, relishing in every single thing you see: the fans dressed in the team colors, the lush green field with your teams logo painted perfectly in the center, and the players warming up. Then the National Anthem is sung and the jets fly over head. You get goosebumps, your heart starts pounding, your stomach is in knots and the amount of energy coming off the crowd is so strong you can feel it deep in your soul. Thoughts of "this could be our year" start floating through your head. It truly is the greatest feeling. Even if its your first, fifth or 100th time at a game, the feeling never changes. 

Football Cartoon Football Quotes of 2013

The football season has officially started and I couldn't be more excited. Here are my 5 reason about why I love football so much.

1. Football = Fall. It is the best season ever. There is a reason it is almost everyone's favorite. The weather, the clothes, the food, the football. It's fabulous.

2. The game, simple as that. Football is one of those sports that can suck you in. It's a high energy, action packed, keep you on the edge of your seat kind of game. Plus, who doesn't like looking at those butts?!

3.The Food. Does this really need an explanation? Football party food is like holiday food. It's amazing. Everyone looks forward to it. Football season is a diet killer, just don't even try. 
Funny quote about marriage and football for the wall

4. The camaraderie. Watching the game in a bar/restaurant or at someones home. It doesn't matter if you are with your best friends, family or with a random stranger, if you're fans of the same team you are going to have a blast. Unless your team is losing of course. 

5. As much fun as it is watching the game on TV with friends, NOTHING will ever replace the feeling of being at the game, sitting on those hard seats. If you've never been to a game, shame on you. After going to my first game 4 years ago, I was hooked. I just wish I could afford to go to every game, home or away!

What do you love most about football? I'd love to hear!

Venus Trapped in Mars

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beau Tresors Review & Giveaway

When  I started my business, I knew I needed to carry business cards around with me at all times. I started to find that they were getting squished in my not professional!! My hunt for a perfect business card holder began. 

This is when I found Jessica's Etsy shop, Beau Tresors, and her monogrammed card holders. I contacted her and ordered  one right away. I love it. The colors are exactly what I wanted. I love taking it out when giving my business card to someone. Much better then a squished, bent up business card. 

After chatting with Jessica, she told me she was launching her own website. She has some of the coolest stuff for sale and I already know I want to order more. You can get anything from a business card holder, a Tervis tumbler, a watch, a bikini or a phone case monogrammed {along with a few more things}. If you know anyone getting married, a monogrammed gift would be perfect. Being a newlywed myself, I want everything to have my new initial on it!

 She also has necklaces, earrings, bracelets and clothing for sale on her website. Some of the stuff is so dang cute and right on trend for fall. I highly suggest checking it all out!!

Jessica is so generously giving away a monogrammed watch of your choice! I'm jealous that I can't win one. A chunky boyfriend style watch is definitely an accessory to have this fall. What better way to get a monogrammed one fo' free?! She is also giving all my readers 20% off your order on her website until 9/8. Just use code: BBB20 when you check out.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekly Wishes #4

It is officially September and I couldn't be happier!!! This month is going to be filled with tons of fun and exciting things for me, my family and this blog. I can't wait to share it all!

It has been 2 weeks since my last weekly wish. I had wished to get some deep cleaning done & to run more! I did get a good chunk of my cleaning list done. Did I get it all done? Absolutely not and I am 100% OK with that! 

Running...didn't happen. I have decided to not put so much pressure on myself. It's making running a job. I want it to be something I enjoy doing, not something I have to do. No more wishes of running, I promise. 

Now my wishes for this week. We are heading to Chicago for our postponed anniversary weekend. For those of you who are newer, we moved the first weekend of June. It was the weekend before our anniversary so we decided not to go to Chicago. Well, my husband knew how much I wanted to go so he decided to get us tickets to see Michael Buble in concert. It was the perfect anniversary gift. Your first wedding anniversary is the "paper" anniversary to tickets fit well. Plus, our first dance at our reception was to a Michael Buble song. See, perfect right?! So, my weekly wish for this week is to simply get us all ready for the weekend away. :) 

Stay tuned this month for some fun posts!! 

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