Monday, February 3, 2014


The Super Bowl is over and unless you live under a rock, you know the Seahawks dominated the game. Let's be real here, it was boring. Thankfully we had the commercials to look forward to! 

I was a little disappointed in the commercials this year. I always expect more then I should. Guess I need to have lower expectations next year!! I do, however, have 20 a handful I would like to share. A few of them I have been hearing/seeing a lot on the news and a few haven't been mentioned much, if at all. I know the cost of the commercials is insane but I was curious as to how much it was this year for a 30 second spot during the big game. 4 million dollars (said in a Dr. Evil voice). Totally insane right?! 

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Lets start off with the worst idea. Maserati. Who names a car Ghibli? Do they know what that means? Ghibli[gib-lee] noun 1.a hot dust-bearing wind of the North African desert. Aka: Camel (insert bodily function here) 

 One of my favorites and one of the funniest commercials was Doritos "Time Machine". I just couldn't stop laughing when the father came out and actually thought it worked! Loved it.

Another funny, Volkswagen. I just love the daughter at the end "Oh and now your going to tell me that at 200,000 they shoot rainbows out of their butts". How can you not laugh?!

Danon Oikos nailed this one. Seeing Mr. Stamos in the commercials was starting to get old (in my book) and when this first started my though was omg, this is getting old but then Joey and Danny showed up and it was instantly one of the best. 

Surprisingly, not very many of the commercials I liked were funny. Most, in fact, were the ones that made me tear up or say awwww.

 This first one, I personally loved. I know it did create a lot of controversy though. People are having a problem with the fact that it is about America but features different languages. They say it should be all in english. The thing is, this country was built by people of different colors, languages and beliefs and that is what makes it so wonderful. We are a melting pot. People from all over the world come here and work their butts off to achieve the "American Dream". I have a friend who is now a US citizen and she is one of the hardest working people I know. To all of those who are criticizing this: embrace our differences. 

Cheerios did it again also. I haven't heard much on this one other then there are, of course, haters out there. I thought it was adorable.  

This one was another one of my absolute favorites. Microsoft did a wonderful job!   

 I know this next one is a HUGE favorite of everyone out there. I did not watch it before it aired so I loved it. I had heard from many people that it didn't live up to the hype. Well, it was adorable and definitely got a general awwww from everyone out there watching. 

 This last one I HAD to share. I love it but it also is special. It was shot in Green Bay (Ashwaubenon) and everyone except the main little boy is from Green Bay. They are not actors! Can you get any better then that?! Here is a link from a local news station that shared the story. 

All in all, Budweiser and Coca Cola had my favorite commercials.I really enjoyed all of the different ones shown during last nights game. But don't they always have some of the best ones?! Share your favorites, I want to know!! 


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