Friday, September 6, 2013

5 Things I Love About Football

 The Packers and 'merica!

You are finally there, your first game of the year. You walk into the stadium, the smell of food stands and beer fill the air.. You find your seats and take a look around, relishing in every single thing you see: the fans dressed in the team colors, the lush green field with your teams logo painted perfectly in the center, and the players warming up. Then the National Anthem is sung and the jets fly over head. You get goosebumps, your heart starts pounding, your stomach is in knots and the amount of energy coming off the crowd is so strong you can feel it deep in your soul. Thoughts of "this could be our year" start floating through your head. It truly is the greatest feeling. Even if its your first, fifth or 100th time at a game, the feeling never changes. 

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The football season has officially started and I couldn't be more excited. Here are my 5 reason about why I love football so much.

1. Football = Fall. It is the best season ever. There is a reason it is almost everyone's favorite. The weather, the clothes, the food, the football. It's fabulous.

2. The game, simple as that. Football is one of those sports that can suck you in. It's a high energy, action packed, keep you on the edge of your seat kind of game. Plus, who doesn't like looking at those butts?!

3.The Food. Does this really need an explanation? Football party food is like holiday food. It's amazing. Everyone looks forward to it. Football season is a diet killer, just don't even try. 
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4. The camaraderie. Watching the game in a bar/restaurant or at someones home. It doesn't matter if you are with your best friends, family or with a random stranger, if you're fans of the same team you are going to have a blast. Unless your team is losing of course. 

5. As much fun as it is watching the game on TV with friends, NOTHING will ever replace the feeling of being at the game, sitting on those hard seats. If you've never been to a game, shame on you. After going to my first game 4 years ago, I was hooked. I just wish I could afford to go to every game, home or away!

What do you love most about football? I'd love to hear!

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  1. I get goosebumps sooooo bad during the national anthem!! I adore the camaraderie aspect as well.... especially when you attend away games. it is like the few fans wearing the same colors you are wearing are not your new BFFs!

  2. I've never ever been to an NFL game, can you believe it? We just don't know anyone with tickets and don't feel like paying hundreds of dollars for mediocre seats. Someday I'm sure we'll have a chance to go and it will be exciting!!

  3. The food! Nachos, wings, chips and dip. I love football and the food is just an extra bonus!

  4. I have to tell you-your blog design is beautiful! So happy we became insta friends and now blog friends! Yours is too cute! :) Have a great weekend!


  5. My marriage seriously does get interrupted for football season! I like to cheer on my team and watch Victor Cruz do the salsa, though. And it's a great excuse to day drink and eat awful foods!

  6. There are so many reasons I love football, including these 5!!!