Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Summer List Update

 Now that summer is officially over it is time to update you on my summer list. It is actually quite sad considering I basically completed nothing on this list. My summer went by so unbelievably fast, I just can't believe that September is already pretty much over! Will life ever slow down? In my dreams maybe. 

So here is what it looks like:

~ Head to the Chicago area to celebrate our 1st anniversary!! (Hhhheelllllooooo Ikea!!!!!):Since our house sold so fast we decided to not go into Chicago this summer. We ended up just having a lovely dinner together though! We did, however, go to Chicago about 2 weeks ago to attend a concert that my husband so wonderfully got us tickets for as an anniversary gift!  

  ~ Attend a Brewer's game & tailgate (it's a summer must in WI):We did get to a game with a group of friends. It was (as always) so much fun!! Hopefully next year we will get to more than one game like we usually do!

  ~ Go on a winery tour.  Earlier this year we attended a benefit for an adorable little baby boy and ended up winning a winery tour in a raffle! I'm excited to go because I have never been to a winery!: We never did get around to enjoying a winery tour, nor do I see it happening at all this year. Unfortunately there are just not enough days in a month to be able to do everything on our schedules! It doesn't help that a certain someone works every other weekend. 

~ Visit the Milwaukee Zoo with my boys: This is yet another thing we didn't get to do and probably the one event I am the most disappointed about. Next summer there WILL be a trip to the zoo. And both boys will be old enough to enjoy it.
~ Go golfing for the first time with the Hubby I did get to {kinda} go golfing. Since it was my first time ever swinging a club we decided to just go to the driving range. It was fun and I foresee lots of golfing trips together next summer!

~ Paint our front door turquoise!!!!! Didn't happen and won't happen until the spring. Who knows, I may decide on a different color or to not do it at all. Sometimes waiting a little longer on certain things is for the best.

~ Start running and do a 5K: While I never did get to start running, I am doing a 5K this weekend with a wonderful group of girls. I, however, will be walking and having the time of my life doing the Color Run!!

How was your summer? Accomplish everything you wanted to get done?


  1. i'm going to be walking right next to you the entire time too. ;)

  2. I definitely didn't accomplish everything I wanted to this summer, or my goals for this month for that matter. Hopefully October will be better! Have an awesome time at your 5K!!