Thursday, January 2, 2014

14 Things in 2014

Did you miss me?! After taking a much needed month long break from blogging and putting pressure on myself to blog I feel so much better and excited to start this new year fresh. I have been blogging for 8 months but I was always wondering if I was doing everything wrong and I didn't know where I felt I fit in. I took this last month to reflect on myself and my blog to see what I really want out of it. I have decided that I don't need one or 2 specific subjects. I should be able to just write about whatever feels good at the time. This is going to be my own special hodge-podge place to put my thoughts and feelings. And it feels good. 

Many people make resolutions for the new year. I, however, never have and probably never will. I instead make a "bucket list" of sorts for my year. They are my goals to achieve and I look forward to all of the fun adventures the year will take me on. 
I decided to just list 14 even though there are a few more things I would like to do. Most of those are just little things I need to do anyway and should have already had done...haha. I have a tendency to procrastinate just a teeny tiny bit. ;) Maybe that should be something I should not work on this year! 

1. Get my blog streamlined. 
     Even though I am not going to try to be specific to one or two areas, I do still want to get a few topics figured out and then just add in whatever I want whenever I want!

2. Go on vacation with my husband. 
    We really need to take 4-5 days to get away and focus on us. Our lives are so busy and now with 2 boys it is very hard to take the  time we need for each other. A nice relaxing vacation is just what we need! A nice, warm, sunny place is sounding quite fantastic compared to the -20*F weather we are currently having.

3. Start Running.
    For real. I know I talked about this a lot this last summer but with a newborn, it was a very unrealistic goal. I now am planning on really focusing on me and doing things that make me happy and feel good. Running is one thing that I want to do for myself. 

4. Go hiking at Devil's Lake. 
     I have been wanting to do this for a LONG time. I have never been there so I'm putting in on our to do list now so we can make time for it this summer. Hubby: remember this, plan a hiking trip & picnic with your wife...I know you are reading ;) 

5. Stay a night in downtown Chicago.
    We go to the Chicago area at least once a year but usually get down there about 2-3 times. We have never just planned a trip to go downtown and stay downtown. Its usually a trip to Ikea and then back home. This year I think we need to just stay overnight and enjoy the city. 

6. Go to Door County. 
    In the summer, Door County is gorgeous. There are so many fun little activities to do and so many great places to eat. Taking a day trip up there with or with out the boys would be wonderful!

7. Take a cake decorating class.
    There are so many things I want to learn how to do for my cupcake business!! Plus, it would be fun. 

8. Repurpose an old piece of furniture. 
    Who doesnt want to do that?!

9. Get our home organized.
    We still have so many boxes that haven't been touched and frames that are sitting on the floor waiting to be hung. I really want to get everything organized and decluttered. I'm hoping that it will make it easier to take care of our home. 

10. Spend the summer outside getting our landscaping re-done.
      The people who lived here before us did a wonderful job landscaping. However, it is way more than what we want and have time for. The front yard is bare compared to the jungle that is our backyard. 

11. Go to a concert with my Mom for our birthday. 
      My mom and I share a birthday and she made it a tradition that we do something fun every year to celebrate. This year, we are going to see JT and the 20/20 Experience. I couldn't be more excited!

12. Go on the Polar Express train with my boys. 
       The Polar Express is one of our favorite Christmas books. I found out that our local train museum does a Polar Express train ride before Christmas every year. We tried getting tickets but they were sold out. We will be planning ahead this year and will buy them when they go on sale in August.

13. Go to The Fire with Little A.
      The Fire is a pottery & mosaic studio in our area where you can do projects yourself. I have been wanting to go but it always seems to not work out. This is officially on our must do list!

14. Have a girls day in Cedarburg. 
      Cedarburg is a little town filled with adorable shops & a winery a few hours from here. We have mentioned a few times how much fun it would be to go together and spend the day shopping and enjoying each others company. I have some of the greatest girl friends and any excuse to be with them is a must. 

What about you, do you have any must-do's in 2014?

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