Friday, January 3, 2014

What I Learned My First Year of Fantasy Football

Guess what?! 

I am the champion in my fantasy football blogger league!! Who would have guessed it would have been me...not me! Being my first year and not really understanding how to do everything. Beginners luck? Maybe. I learned a few things along the way though. It doesn't have to be as intimidating as you may think!!

1. If you think you have drafted the worst team in history...
    Don't worry yet! There are so many changes that happen during the season. The players that are projected to do really well may end up completely sucking and only getting you 2 points a game. Which leads me to my next point:

2. What do you do when after 3 weeks your running back who was projected to kick booty is only getting you 2-3 points each week? Drop his non-booty kicking a**. There are so many players out there who weren't expected to have a great year and ended up having a great year simply because the starters weren't playing up to par.

3. How do I find these players?
    If you have cable and time to be lazy and watch TV for a while, I highly suggest the Fantasy Football ESPN channel. Yes, there is such a channel and it helped me tremendously. I tried reading about players online but it didn't really help.

4. My starting QB just got injured in the first play of the game and is projected to be out for the next 6-8 weeks.
   Yes, this happened to me. And my back up QB was...well, refer to #2. However, I greatly benefited after another team lost their starting QB because there back-up ended up being awesome. 

5. It's ok if you lose 3 weeks in a row.
    Sometimes you just need time to work the kinks out and find players that are consistent. You can still win even if your having a losing streak.

6. Check your team BEFORE the Thursday night game.
     I completely forgot there were Thursday night games at the beginning of the season and didn't start someone I should have. There he was, on my bench, with 20+ points...oops.

7. Have someone who has played fantasy football help. 
    Whether its your boyfriend, husband, brother, dad, or girl friend who has played before, don't be afraid to ask for their help/opinion. It can make a huge difference when looking for a new player. There were a few times I thought I was screwed and wasn't going to be able to find a new wide receiver or running back, but after a little consulting we found a few that ended up getting my 20 pts a game!

I definitely will play again next year!! It was fun. Plus I think my husband enjoyed talking football constantly with me :). 

Venus Trapped in Mars


  1. I've never done the fantasy football but I really want to!!

  2. I'm so impressed by you winning. I took number 5 very seriously, and repeated it all season. 3 losses in a row, followed by 3 more in a row, followed by 3 more in a row....

  3. I have to admit, I have no idea how fantasy football works. I just seems like a LOT of work. But yay for you that you won!! My dad won his league last year and you would've thought he won the lottery or something. Fantasty football is no joke...or so I've heard! =) . Stopping by from Fan Friday!

  4. Congrats on winning! It was fun =)