Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Letters

Dear Wisconsin: It's MAY, which means it should be at least in the low 60's every day with lots and lots of sunshine. What's with the snow and cold?! I think your drunk....

Dear May: Can you go by a little faster please? It would be greatly appreciated. In about 2 weeks I will probably ask you to slow down, ignore that. I'm just so super excited for what the end of May and June will bring!!

Dear Weekend: Please be nice and sunny with no wind. We need really good weather for my family's rummage sale this weekend so lots of people stop and buy everything! We want it all gone.

Dear Little A: You are adorable and I love you to the moon and back. However, Momma really doesn't like this stage you're in. The terrible 2's are exactly what they say they are, TERRIBLE! Please go back to my sweet little boy who listens. :)

Dear Little C: STOP GROWING SO FAST!!!!!!! I had to exchange 2 summer outfits yesterday because when summer actually comes hopefully soon you'll be too big for the ones I had already purchased. So seriously, stop getting so big, Momma doesn't like it.

Dear Hubby: I. LOVE. YOU.


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