Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kids Lunch: Healthy, Delicious, & FUN!!

As some of you may know, lunch time with a toddler doesn't always go well. I am on a mission to find fun, easy and healthy recipes that I can get my little one involved with and share them with you all to try out with your kids.
Anyone with a toddler might already know about the show Caillou. It's the daily happenings of a little boy and his family. On one episode they got to make their own pizzas and my Little A wouldn't stop talking about it so I decided to let him make his own pizza! We love Papa Murphy's pizza and I knew they had a cheap option for children. 
It's called a Mini Murph Make n' Take Pizza Kit and it really was a lot of fun! Its $3 (plus 50cents for any additional topping) for: pizza dough, pizza pan, sauce, cheese, pepperoni or sausage, and a temporary tattoo. We added black olives to the kit because Little A loves them.

Little A loved putting on the sauce, cheese and toppings and surprisingly most of it made it onto the pizza!

The finished product!! I ended up eating half of it because it was more then what Little A would eat. I of course was completely fine with that, it was delicious!
After we finished eating and cleaned up, I tried putting the temporary tattoo on Little A. He, of course, liked it for about .2 seconds and then wanted it off. He doesn't like being messy totally my fault. I thought it was cute!!
This may not be the healthiest option for lunch but it was fun. You could easily make this at home without the help of a pizza place, it was a quick stop on the way home for us which is one reason why I love it. You could also add more veggies to make it healthier and omit the meat for a vegetarian option!!

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