Monday, May 13, 2013

Little C: Birth Day

One subject I have been wanting to write about is pregnancy and labor. Being prego was always something I looked forward to and I knew I definitely wanted at least 2 children. My mom always told me how much she loved being pregnant and how easy her pregnancies and labors were.  My pregnancies were both very similar to each other yet very different from my mother's. I had been told that just because you have family that has it easy doesn't mean your's will be. Each pregnancy and each person are has nothing to do with genetics. I do agree with this to a point and after my first pregnancy & delivery I totally agreed. However, while my second pregnancy was pretty much the same as my first, my labor was completely different.

My labor with Little A was what I would call a normal "first" child labor, 16 hours long; Little C was one that I had only heard of in stories I read on blogs and pregnancy forums. It was one to be envious of and I never in a million years thought I would ever have an experience like it. I, of course, was in denial. I was in labor for just a litte over 1 hour, thats it...1 HOUR! I still can't believe it.

Here is my story.

Our (Little A & me) monday started as usual. We woke up, turned on Monsters Inc. cartoons, and made breakfast. I was feeling a little sick, which was normal for me at this point and I was so excited to get my 37 week notification on my phone because that meant I was officially full term and baby could come anytime. The weekend before I had started trying a few things to help encourage labor, things like sitting on a big excersize ball and walking the mall. I, by no means, was trying to enduce labor, I was far from ready. I had big plans for the week; I needed to get my hospital bag packed, things still had to be organized around the house, I needed a pedicure and I had planned a date with my Little A before his brother came. After breakfast we cuddled on the couch because instead of feeling better like I usually do, I started feeling worse. Then the thought popped into my head: I have the FLU.

This last year has been horrible for colds & flu's. I had already had 2 colds, my little A had 2, and everyone I knew either had a horrible cold (or 3) or the flu or both. So of course I was upset, I'm 37 weeks prego & miserable, I have a very energetic 2 year old and I have things to do!! There was no time for this. I had texted my mom to tell her what was going on and she told me that maybe I was going into labor (she had heard from a few customers that they had been sick the day they had their kids). I thought she was crazy, there is no way I was in labor, I hadn't even had any braxton-hicks contractions. Unfortunately I just continued to get worse even though I tried everything  I could to feel better.

At 4, I called my husband asking him to please come home early. By 7, all I wanted to do was feel better. I was tired and sick and crabby. It was also at this point that I all of a sudden felt the urge to pack my hospital bag, I ignored it because, like I said before, was NOT in labor...still no BH contractions or anything.

Bedtime rolled around so I got my son ready for bed and I tried to lay with him which wasn't too successful. I kept him awake because I couldn't get comfortable. Around 11:20pm, I had to get up and get to the bathroom. Half way into our bedroom, I felt a gush...Oh into the bathroom and sure enough, my water broke!!! I yelled to my hubby that I thought it broke, but I wasn't sure, ok yes I was.

Still NO CONTRACTIONS. I told hubby to call my mom first and if she doesn't answer call my friend, Jane (she lives the closest) to get her here and I was going to shower and pack our hospital bag. Got into the shower and BOOM, contractions hit. They didn't slowly start, they were powerful and right on top of each other. About 15 min after we called Jane, she arrived and we rushed out of the house. We live about 4 blocks from the hospital so it was a quick trip there. By the time we got into our room, they got an IV in and all hooked up to the monitors I was 7 cm dilated. There was no time for anesthesia to get there, the nurses said how fast I was progressing pain medicine wasn't an option! I guess if anyone had to do it all natural FAST was they way to do it!

Around 12:15am, my doctor arrived and 3 contractions later, our newest little man was here.

I told my hubby that if we decide to have a 3rd, he may want to learn how to deliver a baby. It was the craziest and best experience and 2 months later i'm still in denial that those stories I read actually happened to ME.   

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