Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer List Update

 Now that our summer is half over {sad} I decided it was time for a summer list update!!

~ Head to the Chicago area to celebrate our 1st anniversary!! (Hhhheelllllooooo Ikea!!!!!): Due to our house selling so fast we had actually decided to not go to Chicago for our anniversary. We did make a day trip just to go to Ikea (loved it) though!! 

~ Attend a Brewer's game & tailgate (it's a summer must in WI): This weekend we went with a group of friends to a Brewer game. It was sooo much fun! I have been to a lot of games but these were by far the best seats I have ever had. We sat 8 rows up from the team dugout. Plus they kicked butt ;) 

~ Go on a winery tour.  Earlier this year we attended a benefit for an adorable little baby boy and ended up winning a winery tour in a raffle! I'm excited to go because I have never been to a winery!: Due to a few things coming up, this is getting removed from the list. We are going to try to do our winery tour this fall though!! 

~ Visit the Milwaukee Zoo with my boys {link}

~ Go golfing for the first time with the Hubby

~ Paint our front door turquoise!!!!!

~ Start running and do a 5K: I am officially registered for The Color Run {the happiest 5k in the world :) }. Now I must start working my butt off, literally! 

What did you do this weekend? Share it with me below!! I love getting your comments :) 


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  1. The game sounded like so much fun! glad you gals (and men) had fun! :)