Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wedding: Ceremony

Our ceremony was held in a huge and absolutely gorgeous old church. I knew I wanted a church wedding but we didn't have a church we belonged to so our hunt for the perfect one began. We checked out a few chapels which were either too far away from the reception site or not what we wanted. I got a lead on a local Lutheran church in the area that would do non-member weddings and I found this one. I loved it!!

Gorgeous, right?!

The ceremony was very traditional, just like we are. I had my father and step-father walk me down the aisle. They are both very important to me so there is no way I would do it any different. Our music was played on the piano and violin by my step-grandma (is that a thing? It is now) and one of her friends. I've grown up listening to her play piano and even had her accompany me at a few music  competitions in high school so it only felt natural to have her be apart of the ceremony doing what she does best. The whole ceremony went smoothly (it even started on time) other then a few hiccups caused by nerves and the fact that our Pastor didn't say "you may now kiss the bride" {more on that later}. I will remember every moment & am so happy to be a Mrs!!

All photos were taken by Shannon @ PeoplePaperPrints


  1. Where is this gorgeous church and why didn't I get married there?!?!

    Love it!

  2. My favorite part was little A running down the aisle! :) and being back behind the church with you to share those last few moments before you walked down the aisle yourself. much love.