Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Liebster Award

  I've been nominated for a Liebster award once before but never ended up doing a post for it.  When I was nominated by Ashley from Everything's Hunky Dorey, I felt like I really needed to make sure I did my job! 

 Questions from Ashley:
1. What is your favorite sport to watch (if any)?
    Football, without a doubt! We are a football and baseball family but football is definitely my favorite. It is action-packed and fast paced. Just the camaraderie that comes with football sucks you in. It's amazing!
2. Who is your favorite sports team?
    The Packers. Of course ;)
3. What's your children's clothing store?
    I get 90% of my kids clothes from Target but I also really love Kohl's. It's affordable and super cute! Plus, who doesn't love Target?
4. Cloth or disposable diapers?
    Disposable. I understand the benefits of the cloth diapers but they are just not for me. I give tons of credit to moms who use cloth diapers though!
5. What is the one thing you want the most for Christmas?
    Oh this question. I have my wants {like a steam mop ;)} but there is so much more to Christmas then just presents. The most important thing to me is being with my family and enjoying all the moments I have with them. I'm learning that things can change in an instant. We all need to take the time to just appreciate what we have and love the ones around us. 
6. Where do you spend Thanksgiving?
    We usually divide our day with my husbands family and mine but this year we are having thanksgiving at our house! Yikes...
7. Are you a Black Friday shopper?
    Absolutely not, and I NEVER will be. This again goes with my answer to #5. I hate that so many stores think its ok to have "black friday" start on thanksgiving, when we should just be enjoying our family. I used to work in retail, C does, and most of our friends do. I'm sick of black friday taking away from family time to just encourage people to shop. I have a friend who hasn't been with her family for thanksgiving in years because of this. I could go on and on about how much I dislike black friday but I won't. I will tell you a secret though: most of those "black friday" deals, aren't really all that great. You can get stuff cheaper different times of the year. So, instead of spending your thanksgiving planning where you are going right after dinner, just be with your family. Take a million pictures. Laugh. Cry. Eat a sh*t ton of food. 
8. What is your favorite sport to play?
    Me + sports do not go well together. I dance and run. Anything involving a ball usually ends tragically. 
9. What's currently on your DVR?
    Lets see: Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse, Super Why, Paw Patrol, Daniel Tiger...just to name a few...
10. Early bird or night owl?
      Night owl. We don't like mornings in this house. This is why our kids bedtime is 9:30/10.
11. Facebook or Twitter?
      Facebook, but that is really only because I only have close friends and family on Facebook. I love seeing everyone's pictures. It's my way of staying in touch with the people that live so far away. I think I have about 80 friends. 

 I nominate: 

My questions for you: 

1. Do you vacation to relax or to adventure? And, where would you go?
2. Why did you start blogging?
3. Mac or PC?
4. What is your favorite pizza topping?
5. Do you coupon?
6. If you could try any career in the world for a month which would you choose and why?
7. Complete this sentence: "Never have I ever..."
8. What has surprised you most about motherhood or pregnancy?
9. Do you prefer to shop online or in person?
10. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
11. Breakfast or dinner?

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  1. Thanks for answering!

    We're a football family as well. Although, neither of us really played any sports whatsoever. HA!

    I'm with you on the disposable diapers!

    I have a feeling our DVR is going to start looking like that in no time.

    Have a great weekend!